What Did I Purchase?

Forgot what you've purchased from us?  No worries.  Here's what to do:

  • Check your email inbox (spam folders, too) for our email address sarah@thedeclutteringclub.com or help@thedeclutteringclub.com.
  • Find the email that we sent with the login link to https://members.declutteringschool.com/
  • Log into your account and you'll see all of our courses and products you've purchased from us.

We send out emails for every purchase including a login link to access your product or course.

Don't see an email from us?

  • Check your credit card statement or Paypal transactions.  Do you see a purchase from Decluttering School with Sarah Mueller?  Then you're in the right place.  
  • Send us an email to help you out: sarah@thedeclutteringclub.com or help@thedeclutteringclub.com.